New Whiteboard Vinyl

Border-less & Seamless Design

Say goodbye to the big flimsy plastic whiteboards. With the new whiteboard vinyl sheet, we can forget about the old ways of using whiteboards…. In fact it is no longer a board. With today’s new technology, we can quickly transform any wall to a whiteboard glossy effect, from top to bottom by taking no space at all. Border-less and seamless application that achieves comfort and modern design. When nothing is written on the whiteboard, it is sparkling glossy white. Made for design and practical everyday use. The future of collaboration is here.

Fast Installation
Self-adhesive vinyl is the modern way for fast installations, with little downtime, projects are a simple breeze. There is no need for screwing things on, noisiness, and dust. Our installers carry razors and squeegees. Almost everything is done on-site, without the need of going back and forth. Belbien whiteboard comes in a roll that is 1.26m x 30m, it is available in multiple colors/patterns, white, light green, light pink and wood patterns. The whiteboard has a glossy effect that is seamless and borderless.

Easily Applicable
One of the best advantages that whiteboard vinyl has in the market is that it can be applied directly onto gypsum boards, there is no need for screwing things on and locating the studs. Vinyl can be applied on almost all non-porous flat substrates. The easy application requires a certified installer and just a squeegee. Simple.

Unlimited Length – Wrap your entire room
Our Belbien whiteboard comes in a roll that is 1.26m x 30m. The most practical use of whiteboard is usually in conference rooms, where rooms can extend up to 10 meters in length. In general uses of whiteboard, the biggest whiteboard is usually 3.6 meters. With vinyl you can wrap around the whole room, creating comfort for the people that are using the conference room. They can easily turn around and start collaborating together instantly!

No Ghosting
Another advantage of whiteboard vinyl is that with zero maintenance, and using the right type of markers, it will look brand new each time you use it. Since the whiteboard is 100% vinyl based, it produces zero “ghosting” or remnants of previous marks. With a small amount of rubbing alcohol, you can even wipe out marks from the permanent sharpies. The elegant gloss is a permanent look that’ll keep you satisfied.