The New Wallpaper

New Technology for walls.

Vinyl is better than wallpaper. Find out why.

We have been using wallpaper for years now, but did you know there is something a million times better that is 100% certified along with many advantages?! Discover the latest surface materials in the market. We believe vinyl is the new wallpaper, not because it is our product, but because it is backed by scientific technology. Rest assured that you will be satisfied with our collection especially if you are looking for high-end luxurious decor.

Let’s dive into the specifics.

Why is vinyl better than wallpaper?

  1. Unlike wallpaper, our vinyl is Class A Fire-Rated, which is safer since it does not spread fire.
  2. Compared to wallpaper, vinyl has waterproof properties with the highly decorative features.
  3. Vinyl can be cleaned. Once the wallpaper is dirty, you can no longer clean it since paper is porous material.
  4. Vinyl can also be applied outside all year-round without having to worry about delamination. No matter what the weather feels like, vinyl with-stands low and high temperatures.
  5. Vinyl is self-adhesive, which means, faster installation and no extra chemicals involved to apply the material on your walls. As for wallpaper, you need a lot of extra adhesive to make sure the material sticks well on your walls, that leads to a strong smell in your rooms which is not healthy at all. Unlike vinyl, our installers come and go even if the space is occupied since the product causes no disturbance or potent smells.
  6. Our collection includes whiteboard, wood, fabric, metallic, leather, stone, abstract, colors and more. That’s not all, we even have custom printing available on vinyl.